Canada day and what else happened

Was again in Victoria for three days last week. Now that I have my corporate credit card things are a lot easier. Was good productive three days. Good quite some things done. Tonight I will be off to Kelowna again.

Was on Skype with Silke, Leni und aunt Brigitte. I think little Leni loved that the man in the TV talked with her. She seemed quite amused by that.

Saturday evening we had a birthday party. Kens birthday was on Sunday so we celebrated into it. I was told I had a good time. I think around the second glass of red wine my brain stopped recording. Apparently i had rougly two bottles of red wine. I am not really sure if I should file that as a success. I am definitively surprised about it. Even more because I didn't feel bad on Sunday. Just took me about three hours to get my brain to work in normal speed again.

Sunday was Canada day. We went to the Heritage park and watched the fireworks. Here a couple of pictures I took ... erm ...

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