On da road again

After some rest last week and the weekend I am on the road again. Drove from Mission to Kelowna on Sunday night. It was indeed an interesting drive. The scenery was great. I already look forward to drive back on Friday. Will be a bit earlier so maybe more to see.
But I also was a bit worried when I drove here. For two reasons: First my car is certainly a bit weak. There are long passages where it just goes up. Had to switch to a lower gear a couple of times. Second was when I saw the snow on the mountains come closer and closer.

Welcome to Canada 

I guess ...

Anyways. Work in Kelowna is good. The customer is basically located in a mall and my Motel is just across the street. So I am over in 5 minutes, can grab something for the day at the mall and start to work. 

Anything else to report? No, don't think so atm. 

Have a good day, week, month, year, life ... ;-)