Another post already?

Yes indeed.

Well, weekend is over. The weekend was basically for recovering. So nothing too exciting.

But why the new post then? Well, I have a mentor now .... woot.  Plus a new short term goal. In addition to VMWare and Cisco certification I should get on track with Isilon. I have to admit that I eyed that product already for a while. It certainly is an interesting product.

First of all it is FreeBSD based. You can simply add additional nodes and increase the performance of the system. It provides the typical NAS protocols like NFS, SMB, FTP, ... all from one big filesystem. The filesystem also includes the volume management. So no dealing with raid groups and volume manager.

Of course I don't have any real experience with it yet but the concept looks very interesting.

I look forward to get to know a really new product. Haven't had that in far too long. It will be a nice challenge.

Anything else? Not sure at the moment. I can always do a second post, right?

One other thing now that I thought about it. Was able to help one of my colleagues. Was just a little question but hey.

One last things ... comments got kinda sparse ;-)

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