Rammstein and my first day at work

Yesterday was mothers day. If you forgot to talk to your mom .... too late. Went with Jen to the Rammstein concert in Vancouver. It was awesome. The show was great. The was fantastic. We could feel the heat on our places.

Was back home at 1 am and back up at 6 am for my first day at work. I decided to take the West Coast Express, so parked there. The parking ticket machine didn't take my coins ....
So I went to the train ticket machine to buy the tickets with my debit card. What I didn't know was that you basically have to slam the card into the machine. I tried several before figuring that out. So I missed the train. Good thing was that I already planned to take one early. In other words I was there just in time.

So far nice people. Sent out a hello to all the guys in Germany .... and one in Australia. First day was basically getting to know everything, ordering what needs to be ordered and setting up stuff. Was back home at 7 pm. Tired but good. Tomorrow starts at 4:30 am ...

Yep you read that right. Have to be on the the ferry to Vancouver Island to be at a customer site at 9:30 ish. So from 0 to 100 in one day. Will be there for three days returning Thursday.