My first week

My first week at work is over. It was an interesting week for sure. I started on  Monday, like I said in my. Got up at 4:30 on Tuesday. Didn't get much sleep because it was hot. So not much sleep but I made it. Was for three days in Victoria. Basically to meet the customer and to get to know each other. Did some checks and recommendation which were put in place. Also started to plan the next actions. 

I was back in Mission on Thursday around 22:30 ( Yes, I use 22:30 instead of 10:30 om on purpose ). Was a long drive back, got into slow traffic. 

On Friday I was back in the office. I got my official badge ad my laptop. So was busy setting up my laptop, do administrative work, some more work for the customer in Victoria and had and Interview with another customer.

At night we had some friends over and celebrated my birthday. Threw some burgers on the grill. 

This weekend I simply try to recover more from the cold I got on the West Coast Express. Will be a long weekend because of Victoria Day on Monday so should have more then enough time.