This is Canada

Left Amsterdam 40 mins late yesterday. Security checks took longer then expected plus one passenger didn't show up so they had to unload his luggage. I couldn't really sleep on the flight. No idea why. Jen and I watched a couple of movies. We contemplated calling her mom, but when we heard that would have been 10 Dollares we voted against in .... oi ....

As soon as we landed in Vancouver the clouds opened and the sun came through. Yes because of me .... ;-)
Anyways, went through customs and then the immigration office. There were already a couple of people in front of me so it took some time. Jen was waiting for our luggage.


When I left Jen didn't have our luggage yet. That just came out as I arrived there. Got picked up by her mom, drove to Langley and had a Shamrock Shake on the way. Scanned my visa in Langley and sent it out.

Then to Misson where we arrived safely.