Car troubles and stuff ....

So the battery in my car wasn't what you would call young. So it was already pretty weak and it died on me the other day. So got a new one, had to even jump start my car with the new one so I can leave the shop where I bought it. Made it back to the house and put the new one in. Apparently I created a short circuit or something like that. My alternator fuse was shot.

Got a new one today. Nice thing is that you have to remove two screws from the side. Of course it is really hard to get to two screws. After some fighting and the help of Jen we got it out and replaced it. My car is working again. Woot.

Also went to Staples today and got a monitor, mouse and keyboard for my little FitPC2. I love that little box because it is really silent and doesn't need much power. So will reinstall it tonight. Probably with the current Ubuntu Beta. Final release will be out soon, so will go with it.

I hope everyone who reads my blog is well. I have to make a little photo tour soon. I do love the view of the mountains.

And here two pictures I stumbled upon ...

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