Getting closer

Yep, getting closer. Tomorrow will be my last day at work. There wont be much happening. Basically taking care of closing accounts, giving back keys and such. Finished the installation of some last RHEL6 VMs and finished a script. Have to remember to do the accounting of the last days. Tomorrow will only be a half day.

The next couple of days will be rather busy. Will get my bike to my moms, have an appointment with my bank, doing some first packing. Deciding on some last things. Safe the world ....

Also did some arrangements for moving out. Got boxes from a friend. He also rented a transporter and will help me with the move. I will of course pay for the transporter. Anyways, thanks SMD.

Now in two weeks I will be on my way to Vancouver. I look forward to it. Not nervous or anything yet. Will get nervous eventually. Have to make sure that I will have everything I need with me.